Posted: Jul 5, 2022

High School Coaches-2022-23 Season

Alexandria Public Schools - Alexandria, MN
Application Deadline: N/A

Coaching Position: Various Coaching Opportunities

Essential Functions
Establish policies and procedures for keeping parents and students informed of activities and
events; establish policies to address parent or student issues or concerns; regularly updates the
Athletic Director on issues, concerns and highlights.

Keep abreast of new developments, innovative ideas and techniques by attending clinics and
workshops; attends all required meetings and submits all required paperwork in a timely

Maintain and oversee the welfare of students at all times; determine and maintain student’s
level of competition; instruct students in the fundamental skills, strategy and physical training in
order or realize individual and/or team success.
Maintain discipline and work to increase morale and cooperation within the school program and
school community.

Carry out all regulations as described in the handbook and/or preseason meeting.
Enforce “no hazing policy” which includes no humiliating, degrading, emotional/physical harm,
language or activities.